What is an MVNO and What are the Benefits?

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What is the meaning of an MVNO and why are businesses using MVNOs as a one-stop shop for their global connectivity strategy? In this article you will learn what is an MVNO and what unique benefits Mobile Virtual Network Operators can offer to your business.

Discover some of the best global MVNO data and international roaming plans. Learn how MVNOs can help you grow your business, via truly flexible connectivity options and competitive prices without a single vendor lock-in.

What does MVNO stand for?

What does MVNO stand for and what are some of the most frequently asked MVNO questions, to determine if you should partner with a Mobile Virtual Network Operator?

  1. Are you running a global business with multiple locations and remote workers?
  2. Is having access to reliable fixed and mobile connectivity around the world, absolutely critical for your company’s success?
  3. Do you want to monetize the revenue potential of industrial IoT in many different countries and remote locations?
  4. Do you need a reliable partner to help you source the best connectivity at affordable prices and flexible terms and conditions?

If any of these questions apply to your business, then there are significant benefits of working together with a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Because the real meaning of an MVNO is not just a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, it is a one-stop shop “global connectivity provider.” An MVNO that is just as flexible as your business. A specialized partner that helps you to identify, source, implement and manage the best connectivity solutions – wherever you are in the world.

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What is an MVNO?      

What exactly is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and what makes it a much more powerful version of a regular Mobile Network Operator (MNO)?

MNO’s physically own the network, operations, and the infrastructure. MNOs are often present in a single country or at best – in multiple locations around the world. MNOs have either built the mobile network themselves or acquired it from another MNOs.

The Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a more powerful and much more flexible version of the MNO. MVNOs do not own their own network and infrastructure. MVNOs have strategic purchasing relationships with MNO’s, Fiber Network Operators, and Internet Service Providers around the world.

That vendor agnostic approach allows them to source the best solution for each of their customers – all at the best flexible terms and most competitive pricing. Mobile Virtual Network Operators are a great partner for businesses that have complex global operations, rely heavily on international IoT, and have a strategic dependency on excellent connectivity.

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MVNO types: 3 examples

How many MVNO types exist and what are some examples of what they do? Here is an overview of Mobile Virtual Network Operator business segments and what these types of MVNOs do:

1. Resellers

These MVNOs resell the services from other MNO’s and use their own branding and marketing communications.

2. System integrators or Service Providers:

These MVNOs offer more advanced operations and other services, compared to MNO resellers. MVNO System Integrators or MVNO Service Providers offer more flexibility in terms of customized solutions and commercial pricing.

3. Integrated MVNO

Integrated MVNOs can resell from any local MNO’s, Fiber Network Operators, and Internet Service Providers around the world. Integrated MVNOs run their own operations and can manage the entire connectivity value chain for their customers. Integrated MVNOs function as both resellers and system integrators/service providers.

Integrated MVNOs will design, build, source, implement and manage your complex and demanding connectivity solutions – anywhere in the world. This flexible and vendor-agnostic business model allows integrated MVNOs to offer the best connectivity options and prices to their customers.

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MVNO network

The best integrated MVNO network service providers can offer you connectivity solutions anywhere in the world. Integrated MVNOs have direct purchasing agreements with the leading MNOs in most important locations.

Integrated MVNOs also have purchasing agreements with the most important local and regional network operators. This allows integrated MVNOs to act like a local Mobile Virtual Network Operator, regardless of the location. The best Mobile Virtual Network Operators will offer a wide variety of services and manage them for you around the world – via one single local point of contact.

What benefits does an MVNO offer?

The main benefit of partnering with a Mobile Virtual Network Operator for your global connectivity needs is without a doubt flexibility. No matter where your business will expand to next, MVNOs have your connectivity needs covered with the right partners for each region.

Other Mobile Virtual Network Operator benefits include significant cost savings, compared to shopping direct with the local connectivity providers. This is because of to the economies of scale and preferred buyer status, that an MVNO has with these providers. Other important benefits of working with Mobile Virtual Network Operators are simplicity, custom made solutions and a one-stop shop.

Use the power and instant recognition of your own corporate brand and easily expand in new mobile markets as an MVNO private label of MVNO reseller.

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MVNO with international roaming

Working together with a Mobile Virtual Network Operator can significantly reduce your international roaming costs. Mobile Virtual Network Operators can issue their own branded global data roaming SIM cards. This physical SIM or virtual eSim cards allow you to benefit from the preferred global roaming rates, that the MVNO has negotiated with local MNOs around the world. Next to traditional data, voice, and A2P-SMS, an MVNO can also offer industrial IoT SIM cards.

MVNO unlimited data

MVNOs can offer unlimited data for frequent travelers and remote workers, who do not have access to a physical internet landline. MVNOs can offer unlimited data, by bundling their local purchasing agreements with for example: Fiber network operators, ISPs, MNO’s, local MVNOs and even satellite companies.

Best MVNO data plans and MVNO deals

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