As more CCTV cameras and access control systems are moving to IP-based communication, costly wired connections can be replaced by wireless 4G 5G connections for ultimate flexibility and fast turn up.

Using a LTE connect router on any location allows multiple camera units to connect via secure WIFI or LAN cable, maximizing the connection at a lower cost compared to traditional wired connections.

cctv camera's with fixed static ip

"Our 4G 5G mobile internet covers the

     whole world or specific regions "


multiple networks per country

Our 4G 5G mobile internet covers the whole world or specific regions based on multiple networks per country and 4G, 3G or 5G based. The mobile connectivity is delivered by a physical SIM Card, eSIM technology or based on so called ChipSIMs, where we configure the required network profile to the chip in your device or hardware.


• Facilitate connectivity project based or continuous
• Extra high availability thanks to national roaming. Our SIM will automatically make contact with the strongest available network in each country. So called Non Steered.
• One integral solution without risk on managing usage and costs per provider or contract


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