Solutions for IoT Media: High quality broadcast network connection

TNF provides Mobile data specifically tailored for live broadcasting.
Our 4G 5G LTE Data SIM will connect you to the internet wherever you are. We are able to guarantee you the high-quality broadcast network connection you need for live broadcasting, uploading your live iot media content and supporting your live media productions. Become IoT media partner!

use case broadcasting

"We are able to guarantee you
the high-quality broadcast network you
need for live broadcast streaming''


Your IoT Media Sim worldwide

Our IoT Media SIM is available worldwide with one global SIM or with a region-specific SIM with local breakouts for ultimate performance on your mission-critical internet broadcasting traffic.

As a broadcast connectivity provider, our services have high industry standards to support your live broadcast productions.

Top features for IoT Media SIM

• High stability and performance by seamless roaming from one single IMSI.
• One broadcast network solution without the risk of managing usage and costs per provider or contract.
• No more different price plans and terms, and no more complex contract management with several suppliers.
• Extra high availability thanks to national roaming. Our IoT Media SIM will automatically make contact with the strongest available network in each country. So-called Non-Steered.

Any live broadcast streaming and video broadcast production will be successfully facilitated.



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