How to Select the Right IoT Partner as a White Label or Reseller?

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In this article we will explain what IoT partners are and why they are important for IoT resellers. Discover how IoT partners can help grow your IoT reseller business. Learn more about the best IoT white label opportunities.

What is an IoT partner?

Success in IoT depends on the right partnerships, but what is an IoT partner and why is finding the right partner so important for IoT resellers?

IoT partners help solution providers to deliver an IoT solution. A complete IoT solution consists of many components such as connectivity, sensors, gateways, software, and routers.

The right partner can provide all these valuable components. The right IoT partner can share market knowledge and best practices. These insights allow solution providers to scale their IoT business and implement their go to market strategy much faster.

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What are the benefits of IoT partner operators?

There are many benefits of partnering with IoT partner operators. Below are 3 important IoT partner operator benefits.

  1. Partner operators can support your business in launching the IoT solution faster, because the partner already has extensive past experience in specialized markets.
  2. Partner operators have deep technical knowledge that enables them to identify and eliminate any single point of failure in the end-to-end IoT solution.
  3. Partner operators can serve as an additional sales and marketing channel: Your business could benefit from their existing supplier and customer database.

IoT international network

What are international IoT networks and why are they important to the success of IoT solutions?

International IoT networks allow solution providers to deploy and connect IoT solutions anywhere in the world.

The ideal IoT connectivity partner will have a global connectivity network and IoT roaming agreements, with leading international and local regional mobile operators.

These global connectivity roaming agreements are important as IoT solutions depend on uninterrupted connectivity. Uninterrupted global connectivity for IoT solutions can only be achieved by selecting partners with worldwide data roaming agreements.

IoT reseller opportunities

As the global market for IoT solutions continues to grow fast, there are many opportunities out there for IoT resellers.

A single IoT solution is often complex and consists of many different components. The success of the IoT solution depends on partners and resellers that contribute to the entire IoT value chain.

IoT resellers can use their existing customer base and market knowledge to unlock new revenue opportunities.

In the next section we will answer the question: What is the best opportunity for IoT resellers?

TNF private label

IoT white label: The best opportunity for IoT resellers

The best IoT reseller opportunity is starting an IoT white label business.

IoT white label, or private label companies, do not need to invest in their own IoT networks. IoT white labels are also not responsible for the management of operational departments.

Everything is managed by the IoT partner. This makes IoT white label a perfect new business opportunity to start offering IoT services globally.

IoT private labels can unlock new revenue opportunities among both existing and new customers. IoT white labels can improve customer retention and grow new market share.

How to select the right IoT partner as a reseller?

Here are 5 important things to look for when selecting an IoT partner as a reseller.

  1. The right partner has connections to other resellers and system integrators.
  2. Look for partners with deep knowledge about targeted sub-industries and customers.
  3. Select an partner that can share customer use-cases and their past experience with similar projects.
  4. Consider IoT partners with global relationships, for example with big companies like Microsoft.
  5. However, consider avoiding IoT partners with exclusivity agreements and partnerships, as this may hurt your flexibility as an IoT reseller.

IoT white label and reseller partner program of TNF

Do you want to join a leading IoT partner program to start your own IoT reseller or white label business? Consider partnering with TNF – A global IoT solutions partner and network connectivity operator.

TNS offers direct connectivity for M2M IoT to over 750 networks in more than 200 countries.

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