4g 5g Backup failover

Prevent network outages and increase network availability by deploying our 4G 5G backup failover solution.
TNF Solutions offers a wide range of fallback connectivity options supplying continuity to your key processes. We increase your network availability gigantically by supplying the solution based on multiple networks simultaneously at your location.


"The continuity of your
business is crucial."


Stable, high end 4G 5G LTE connectivity

Together with our hardware partners we deliver the complete solution including stable, high end 4G 5G LTE connectivity based on multiple networks per country

Delivered and deployed within a few business days. One solution, one price, one contract and one cloud-based management portal facilitating all of your country-, European- or global locations.


• Extra high availability thanks to national roaming. Our SIM will automatically make contact with the strongest available network in each country. So called Non-Steered.
• High performance by symmetric upload speed.
• One integral solution without risk on managing usage and costs per provider or contract
• No more different price plans and terms, and no more complex contract management with several suppliers.
• Global coverage SIM Only or including CPE


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