Business Travel eSIM

Intercontinental Business Travel 

When travelling intercontinental with your ordinary subscription costs can be between €1,00 to €6,00 per MB. When using just 1GB at an average of €3,00 per MB the costs are already €3000 (!)

 Multinational travel connectivity solution

Our Business Travel SIM / eSIM is predictable and flexible at a clear price with full coverage thanks to multiple networks per country. Non-steered, so get the best performing network at your location. Our service is available in over 190 countries

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"Our eSIM mobile covers the

     whole world or specific regions "

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end to end solution

At TNF we supply a Travel eSIM management system for business travel eSIMs in which you can create new subscriptions for special regions and with custom limits.

If an employee is planning on a business trip, you can choose a fitting subscription and create a QR-code for this employee. When the employee scans this QR-code the new subscription will be activated.

In the portal you’ll keep access to usage information and receive a composite invoice of all active subscriptions or used data.


  • Rely on your own fast 4G Data connectivity for supporting your work process anywhere you go globally
  • Freedom of using data without the fear for enormous bill shocks
  • Determine the terms together with us, so monthly or quarterly bundles to be made for optimal flexibility
  • Get the invoice to you personally or to your company. Choose what fits your companies process. Personal declarations don’t fit your process? We can invoice the finance department of your company, where shared company bundles can be made upon request!


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