Our IOT connectivity management platform

The TNF portal is a complete and very rich IoT Connectivity Management Platform.

It’s a cloud-based solution that comprises a fully virtualized our 3G/4G/LTE and 5G core network services. Additionally, we deliver a suite of Business Support Systems (BSS) included the IoT dashboard.

Together, these IoT portal components allow you to take full ownership your IoT business. Whether your active as service provider, device manufacturer or aggregator enabling customers full IoT solutions. 

TNF’s IoT platform offers you complete IoT connectivity management.

iot connectivity management

IoT management platform features

  • Accounts
  • SIMs
  • Rates and Billing Plans
  • Statistics and Reports
  • IoT monitoring dashboard incl Rules, Monitoring and Events
  • Notification Configuration
  • Users and Their Roles and Permissions
iot monitoring dashboard

Lifecycle Management IoT Dashboard

One of the major pillars of a professional CMP and IoT dashboard, is the support of life cycle management. 

Any SIM, at any stage from built in factory eSIMS to stock and active operational SIMS are visible and manageable in your IoT monitoring dashboard.

Support test modes and real-time control functions like activation, suspension and deactivation over your deployed assets and connected devices anytime, anywhere.

We support the unique lifecycle of IoT.

iot portal
iot monitoring dashboard

Autonomous full network control

TNF’s multi IMSI and Single IMSI capabilities offer you carrier neutral connectivity. 

Despite the wide availability of networks, your customer might still want to connect the SIMs to other available networks. In areas they have coverage issues, or in case of network failures. With our network switching capabilities, you can now execute that real time. Optionally you can translate this feature to your offering. For example ‘’high availability packages’’ to customers that have truly mission-critical needs.

OTA Configuration from the IoT Connectivity Management Platform

We deliver the highest level of flexibility and carrier neutral M2M data. This is done with our Single IMSI and Multi IMSI availability having all the MNO’s in the world. All available form factors including eSIM and eUICC are a part of the standard services and M2M data SIM.

Directly from the IoT dashboard, remote configuration is done over the air (OTA) for a secure and cost-effective process on new and existing roll outs.

Dashboard IOT

Global presence

Offering +200 countries and +900 networks by our M2M data SIM gives you and your customers the great benefit of access anywhere without a vendor lock in. Choose and manage the networks you need with our global SIM. Permanent roaming and best possible pricing are standard features. 


Advanced Billing

TNF included a complete IoT billing system that supports your financial processes and operations.

You can create bundles, data plans and custom tariffs.

All based on real-time charging where cost control and fraud prevention is covered. 

You can utilize a flexible, multi-currency configuration as well.

Alerts and Dashboard IoT

Our advanced IoT device management platform provide support teams and executives an always up-to-date situational and insightful picture of their entire IoT SIM operation.

Create custom alerts and notifications to help managing financial, operational and technical parameters quickly and efficiently. A wide variety of stand alone or combined IT rules are possible to set on different levels. Rule types like Usage, First event, Money (left in balance) , Rate. (volume of services or how much money spent on services)

Reports Module TNF IoT Portal

Reports Module

The reports module generates five report types.

  1. Usage DR Records: Records all rated (charge-incurring) CDRs or DRs generated by all account SIMs’ Data and SMS usage over the user-defined length of time.
  2. Usage per Account: Records the daily total Data and SMS usage of all SIMs in your account, detailing the SIM location, the usage volume and charges incurred over the user-defined length of time.
  3. Transaction DR Records: Records top-up transactions performed:
    • On all SIMs in your account performed by your parent account (default)
    • On all SIMs of your child accounts performed by you
  4. Charges DR Records: Records charges on SIMs with pre-paid billing plans: 
    • Invoked by your parent account on the SIMs in your account
    • Invoked by you on the SIMs in your child accounts
  5. Active SIMs and IMSIs: Records all active SIMs (ICCIDs) and IMSIs in selected accounts, including all the sub-accounts of the selected accounts.

Advanced Security

TNF has the best-in-class security elements to protect our infrastructure, topped with data management, frequent security checks and tests. Our suppliers are ISO 27001 certified.

Reduced Fraud

Capabilities such as IMEI locking and SIM profiling allow you limit your SIMs to the exact, specific use case they were designed for. 

Real-time Detection

Detect misbehaviors as they occur by network and signaling data visibility 

Device Lock

Lock static devices to a specific area using advanced configurations. 

Data Security

Information retrieval and collected data is fully secure.

IT Security

Firewalls, VPNs, and private APNs. Everything to ensure device-generated data reaches its destination in an extra secured manner.


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