What are the Options of an MVNO Private Label?

CDMA MVNO private label

Are you considering starting your own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) private label? In this article you will learn more about the available options, to help you start your own CDMA or GSM MVNO private label fast. Use the power and instant recognition of your own corporate brand and easily expand in new mobile markets as a Private Label MVNO.

Are you new to the term MVNO? Then first discover more about the meaning of MVNO and the benefits for your business.

What is an MVNO private label?

What is an MVNO private label and why is it such a unique revenue opportunity? This opportunity allows you to sell mobile voice, SMS, data and IoT services anywhere in the world. Unlike a normal mobile operator, MVNO private label companies do not own the physical infrastructure. Neither do they need to make costly network investments or manage complex operations and customer care departments.

As a business you purchase mobile services direct from a reliable MVNO with international coverage. Everything is then fully customized to your own brand: From SIM cards with your own company logo, to personalized invoicing and customer care acting on behalf of your company.

It is a unique opportunity to offer mobile services anywhere in the world, and to build up a massive customer base. Your company logo will be visible and recognized anywhere, to help you strengthen your brand even further around the world.

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Different options of an MVNO private label

There are two different options available for your own MVNO label, as there are two dominant mobile technologies in the world: GSM which used around the world, and CDMA which is less widespread.

CDMA MVNO private label

If you are considering starting your own CDMA MVNO private label, then these are the main focus areas you should consider before you establish a CDMA private label:

  • CDMA uses a SIM which is built into the mobile handset. This means an operator must activate the handset first. This may lead to less flexibility.
  • CDMA technology is considered to be more secure compared to GSM.
  • CDMA is not the best alternative if you have a large international customer base, as the technology is not widespread.
  • CDMA has a 20% market share, however, can be the dominant technology in certain niche markets and regions.

GSM MVNO private label

If you are considering starting your own GSM MVNO private label, then these are the main focus areas you should consider before you establish a GSM private label:

  • Unlike with CDMA, the GSM SIM cards are not built into the device. The GSM SIM cards are flexible, can be changed easily and need to be activated only once.
  • GSM technology is known to have more security risk, compared to CDMA technology.
  • Due to GSM networks availability all over the world, GSM is an excellent choice for an own MVNO label if you have a large international customer base.
  • GSM is the dominant mobile technology, and it has an 80% market share.

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GSM MVNO private label


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