What are the Benefits of Becoming a MVNO Reseller?

mvno reseller

In this article we will explain what MVNOs are and share the best MVNO benefits and reseller opportunities. Discover how you can find the right MVNO partner and best white label opportunities.

Are you new to the term MVNO? Then first discover more about the meaning of MVNO and the benefits for your business.

What is a MVNO partner?

What is a MVNO partner and what are MVNO resellers?

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator partner (MVNO) does not own or operate a mobile network and any cellular towers.

MVNOs have many agreements with leading mobile network operators. This makes MVNOs extremely flexible.

MVNOs can source the best mobile services anywhere. MVNOs can offer at the most competitive roaming rates and tariff plans.

mvno partner white label

Benefits of partnering with an MVNO partner for reselling

Below are the top 3 benefits of partnering with an MVNO reseller.

  1. MVNO partners are fast, they do not need to install anything.
  2. MVNO partners are flexible, they can source from multiple mobile network operators.
  3. MVNO partners are competitive, they can select the best rates anywhere in the world.

MVNO reseller opportunities

MVNO partners offer many business opportunities for resellers. The most popular reseller opportunity is becoming a white label MVNO reseller, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

White labels MVNO resellers are only responsible for non-technical support, sales, and marketing. The MVNO partner takes care of the rest and stays in the background.

Blended or full MVNO resellers offer more advanced support, operations, and billing facilities to their end-customers.

MVNO white label reseller

Starting a white label MVNO reseller business is a fantastic way to grow your brand and attract new customers.

The MVNO partner enables you as a white label reseller, to operate like a real mobile network operator and services provider. However, without being responsible for the network infrastructure, billing, technical support, and operations.

You can focus on your core business, while the MVNO partner takes care of everything else related to the mobile network operator business.

How to find the right MVNO partner for resellers?

The market for MVNO resellers is growing fast, but how do you select the right MVNO partner? There are many factors to consider, for example which region and customers you would like to focus on.

There are 4 important criteria that every business should consider when selecting the right MVNO partner.

  1. The right MVNO partner can offer additional value-added services to resellers in the future.
  2. The perfect MVNO partner can flexibly scale up and down as your reseller business grows.
  3. The best MVNO partner integrates support, operations, and billing for resellers.
  4. The ideal MVNO partner can support resellers with marketing and white label branding.

MVNO partner reseller program of TNF

Start monetizing a whole new revenue opportunity and open your own MVNO reseller business. Offer mobile services to your customers wherever they are in the world.

Join forces with TNF, a leading IoT solutions partner for resellers with global connections and roaming agreements worldwide.

Contact us to learn more about our TNF customer use cases and how we can help you start your MVNO reseller business today.


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