Benefits of Global M2M Sim Cards for IoT without Vendor Lock-in

Are you interested in IoT, and have you ever wondered what is the difference between M2M and regular mobile sim cards?

In this article we will explain what M2M sim cards are and discuss the benefits.

After reading this article you will understand how M2M providers operate. You will know where to find the best global M2M solutions and data plans without vendor lock-in.

  1. What are M2M sim cards?
  2. M2M sim cards used by businesses
  3. Top 7 Benefits of M2M sim cards
  4. How do M2M providers work?
  5. The best M2M data plans without vendor lock-in

What are M2M sim cards?

M2M sim cards are different compared to regular mobile sim cards. M2M sim cards are designed for smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Think of smart home devices and industrial sensors.

The abbreviation M2M stands for machine-to-machine. The sim card enables exactly that: To allow these different machines to communicate with each other via mobile networks.

M2M sim cards are more durable than regular sim cards, as they often operate in harsh industrial or climate conditions.

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M2M sim cards used by businesses

Which businesses and industries use M2M sim cards?

These are typically industries that use all sorts of IoT devices and smart sensors. The sim cards can be found for example in cars, home security systems, motorway traffic signs, vessels, and freight containers.

M2M sim cards enable various devices in a network to communicate and exchange information. The data gathered from these sim cards can be used for improving efficiency, quality, information, or cost saving purposes.

Top 7 Benefits of M2M sim cards

What are the benefits of M2M sim cards, especially compared to regular mobile sim cards? Below are the top 7 benefits for IoT:

  1. M2M sim cards are much tougher. They are more durable and can survive under rough conditions.
  2. The sim cards offer more memory and storage, as data cannot be sent immediately when there’s limited network coverage in remote locations.
  3. The sim cards can use special global roaming networks for IoT, which allows them to be used instantly anywhere in the world.
  4. The sim cards are packaged more securely. They are less vulnerable to manipulation, since data is transmitted via APN and private networks.
  5. The sim cards often come bundled with data analysis platforms.
  6. The sim cards can be managed via a single portal.
  7. The sim cards can use flexible data and roaming subscriptions optimized for IoT. They can be activated per individual sim card and per region.
global m2m sim cards

How do M2M providers work?

M2M providers work in the same way as traditional mobile providers. They provide mobile network connectivity, issue sim cards, and offer various subscription models.

M2M providers offer sim cards specifically for IoT. As we have learned earlier these sim cards are more durable, come in different form factors, offer flexibility on tariffs, and have richer data analysis properties than regular sim cards.

The best M2M data plans without vendor lock-in

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