TNF is an independent network operator and we are based in Alkmaar, North Holland.
As a full MVNO we deliver high-quality mobile communication services worldwide. As a result we have a strong position in the purchase and sales of international mobile data.

Because of our global coverage, with more than 750 networks in 200 countries, we can offer a complete international M2M & IOT portfolio. No matter what usage, so for high, medium and low volume connectivity.

Our fixed connectivity portfolio offers an end-to-end solution. So we are delivering internet connectivity, on all connection types available. Access like DIA, FTTX, VDSL and Broadband services. We deliver these services in Europe carrier neutral supporting all operators active at great wholesale level pricing.


"We are specialists with dedicated focus on wholesale connectivity. As a result we offer a unique portfolio based on guaranteed services, clear agreements and a simple distribution model."

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About our team

With our specialized team, we focus on the procurement and delivery of mobile and fixed connectivity.

Worldwide but also regionally. Our purchasing role is at least as important as the sales role. Due to our volume, we have the best price in the market. This is very beneficiary for you as a partner or customer. With our specialism, we can add value and complement the portfolio you deliver as organization. As a result, you as our partner will create a new revenue model, including own margin set up and customer ownership with your own white label services. As an end customer you get great value and simplicity for all international connectivity needs.

Mobile connectivity

Mobile internet is just commodity, or is there more to it?

Connectivity is an ever expanding need no matter what business you are in.

Nevertheless, you get limited by the propositions presented by mobile operators.

Some of those limitations are things like; bundles with high cost on overage, limited roaming allowance, data throttling when limitations are reached, steered networks, no specific network selections possible, no country profiles to be made and multiple networks in the country itself.


With our portfolio, we simply remove the above mentioned restrictions.

We provide high performance Mobile Data based on 4G, 3G and 2G to fulfil all connectivity demands with maximum flexibility.

As an independent operator we are capable of setting the exact conditions as you require them. With our SIM Card & eSIM we ensure high availability thanks to national roaming in all available countries. Network performances and availability will increase enormously compared to single network solutions. All our services will be delivered at a clear fixed rate, without hidden conditions.

Some of our specialties to illustrate the power and benefits;

Events like, Moto GP and the Formula 1 GP

Result: International presence. High performance 4G and temporary use during a series of racing weekends throughout the season.

Maritime by servicing cargo ships and passenger cruises

Result: Multiple networks. High performance 4G / 5G and predictive costs which we cover by fixed price all networks and all countries.

Broadcasting, live streaming media

Result: High quality 4G for mission critical traffic. No delay, low latency, great upload speeds, 5G, International presence and pay per use.

M2M IOT like track & trace

Result: Low cost. Seamless roaming from one IMSI. Multiple networks, Scalability, Choice in technique like physical SIM Card, eSIM (eUICC) or ChipSIM. All available even hybrid from One solution and One management platform

Dedicated internet 2
Office SD WAN failover

Result: High quality 4G & 5G for critical traffic as a failover for fixed lines. Fully managed service including carrier grade CPE, International presence, one uniform international service, added VPN services and public subnets.

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