IPsec VPN for IoT, extend your M2M network

In today’s interconnected world, ensuring the seamless integration of your IoT devices into your private network is more crucial than ever. Our IPsec VPN service is designed to do just that, by extending your private network to the M2M SIM cards used by your devices. This not only simplifies the management of your IoT devices but also enhances their security.


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A Unified Solution for All Your M2M SIMS and IOT Devices

Every M2M SIM card in your network is assigned a static IPv4 address, making it an integral part of your private network. This setup is not only secure but also highly scalable, accommodating projects of all sizes with ease. Whether you’re just starting or expanding, our VPN service grows with your needs, providing a reliable connection at every stage.

Seamless Connectivity Across Cellular Networks

Our VPN solution stands out for its redundancy. It includes two tunnels to remote sites, ensuring that your connection remains uninterrupted. This design allows for continuous access and uptime, a feature we know is vital for our long-standing clients who rely on consistent service. Our team is here to customize this service to fit your network architecture perfectly, making the transition as smooth as possible. Our coverage and availability the IP Sec VPN services is global.

High Availability and Automatic Scaling

The high availability of our IPsec VPN is achieved through its use across multiple geo-redundant zones, with traffic primarily flowing through the first tunnel and the second serving as a backup. This setup ensures that even if one tunnel goes down, your connectivity remains unaffected. Moreover, the IP sec VPN automatically adjusts to your bandwidth needs, ensuring a stable and reliable connection.

Simplified IOT SIM IP Management

Managing IP addresses can be a hassle, but not with our service. Each IOT SIM card is assigned a single static IP address, streamlining the process and making it easier for you to connect to your devices. This setup is designed to save you time and reduce the complexity of managing your IOT devices.

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Connect to your M2M SIMS and devices with ease

Accessing your devices is straightforward with our SIM platform. The static IP address of your private subnet is assigned and made available, allowing you to connect to your device via the static private IP address from within your corporate network. This direct access is not just about convenience; it’s about ensuring that you have the control and security you need to manage your IoT devices effectively.

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- Low usage volume
- eSIM & eUICC
- Multiple networks per country for extra high availability and performance
- 1 SIM all countries

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IoT Services

- Operator neutral 2G, 3G ,4G, 5G, eSIM, ChipSIM and Physical IoT SIM
- White label model IoT solutions
- Custom profiles per project or IoT solution
- Multi layer IOT portal for SIM management and reporting

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IoT Solutions Security

- Private APN
- Fixed IP addresses
- Data Traffic Black and Whitelisting (content filtering)
- IMEI locking per SIM to avoid misuse

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IoT Solutions features

- Single IMSI (identity) for seamless roaming anywhere, always
- 200 countries, 750+ networks
- Location based insights and much more

Want to learn more?

IoT Connection cases

IoT use cases can vary greatly based on the industry and organization, but more and more markets and applications are gaining momentum. IoT can add business value to several industries, including construction, manufacturing, retail and transportation. Below we give some IoT examples:


Connected vehicles

traffic management

Traffic management

smart grid

Smart grids

iot environmental heath

Environental monitoring

smart cities

Smart cities

Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Iot industrial

Industrial, agricultural and commercial management

Common benefits of IoT Connection cases

Although there are some industry specific IoT use cases, many of the most common deployments involving connected technologies resulted in data driven working and some great improvements on the business and processes.

  • Visibility into real-world activities
  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity improvement
  • Optimized output
  • Increased security
  • Improved safety
  • Higher quality

Seemless connectivity

Discover the power of seamless connectivity with TNF’s IOT - M2M SIM solutions. Whether you’re looking to connect devices across Europe or need a global solution. We have you covered. Contact our consultants today to learn more about our flexible plans and how we can help you achieve your connectivity goals.

With our specialized team, we focus on the procurement and delivery of mobile and fixed connectivity. Worldwide but also regionally. Our purchasing role is at least as important as the sales role. Due to our volume, we have the best price in the market. This is very beneficiary for you as a partner. Besides we share our specialism, so we can add value and complement the portfolio you deliver as organization. As a result, you as our partner will create a new revenue model, including own margin set up and customer ownership with your own white label services.


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