Dedicated Internet Access

At TNF we deliver the best in class carrier grade fixed internet connections. The dedicated internet line deliver the robust, secure and uninterrupted connectivity your business needs. It also allows you to scale bandwidth to meet future demand. Secondly complement your SD-WAN or any other network solution with our solid 4G 5G SIMS to create diverse routing and seamless fail-over options. This way you build a network with multiple protection paths supported with a monthly SLA up to 99.995% availability.


Included fixed internet connection

  • On site installation
  • Fixed Public IP Range
  • Router with RJ45 handoff
  • Dedicated internet access and guaranteed services

Coverage dedicated internet line and options

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Europe coverage

Power your network with carrier neutral dedicated internet access in 32 countries, supported by Tier 1 operators and all available local suppliers.

Reliable | Any bandwidth | High Service Levels

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Multiple dedicated internet line options

Get dedicated internet access broadband, XDSL, DIA, FTTX and multiple Internet access options, all available European wide including on site installation and router.

Tier 1 services | All types | Carrier neutral

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Upgrade your availability greatly

The importance of solid and guaranteed internet is clear. Complete any network set up with 4G 5G SIM’s. By using these mobile techniques and services you create the greatest possible availability up to 99,995%.

Globally available | Multiple networks per country | Non steered | Always on


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