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Why does a managed sim beat a regular sim?

Connectivity is an ever-expanding need, no matter what business you are in. Nevertheless, there are some great differences within the propositions presented by (local-) business market-oriented mobile operators, providers, and industrial parties delivering carrier-grade enriched services. A big difference can be found between unmanaged and managed SIM solutions, and we are going to explain to you why that is.

What is an unmanaged SIM?

The unmanaged business SIMS come with limitations such as limited reporting, non-managed features like alert, bundles with high cost on overage, limited roaming allowance, data throttling when limitations are reached, steered networks, no specific network selections possible, no country profiles, and single network within its country.

What is a Managed SIM?

Managed Carrier Grade SIMS and SIM services, such we deliver at TNF are very different from any regular business or retail SIM. Especially as you take a closer look at all elements which are relevant. From technique to terms and manageability.

All of the above-mentioned items in the business SIM section, we see as limitations.
Limitations you can’t afford if you take the connectivity of your key assets or primary processes seriously.

So for Managed SIM we simply remove these restrictions by providing high-performance Mobile Data based on (5G) 4G, 3G, and 2G to fulfill all connectivity demands with maximum flexibility.
As an independent operator, TNF is capable of setting the exact conditions as you require them. With our SIM Card & eSIM, we ensure high availability thanks to national roaming in all available 200+ countries. Network performances and availability will increase enormously compared to single network solutions. All our services will be delivered at a clear fixed rate, without hidden conditions.

USP & Result by category.

USP – SIM Level

Low, Mid, and High-volume usage

Result: Flexible, scalable portfolio with solutions for any type of internet need

No roaming restrictions

Result: Always on 365-24-7 without EU (or other) roaming limitations

Multiple networks per country for extra high availability and performance

Result: Carrier neutral offerings with continuity for customer processes

1 SIM all countries

Result: 1 SIM 1 Solution all countries. Cost savings on contract management and clarity on conditions rather than managing 32 contracts and conditions in the example of supplying 32 countries with local SIMS. (Cost-) predictability has a great value for any partner and customer

High upload by symmetric speed settings. Upload equal to download speeds

Result: making THE difference related to any other SIM. Key business processes where uploads are just as – or more important as a download. Great differentiator.

USP – Security Level

  • Private APN
  • Fixed IP addresses
  • Data Traffic Black and Whitelisting (content filtering)
  • IMEI locking per SIM to avoid misuse

Result: Crucial added value where mobile connectivity can be seamlessly integrated into WAN topologies within corporate market needs. The value of security and content filtering are evident.

USP Services – Company Level

  • Operator neutral 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, eSIM, ChipSIM, and Physical SIM
  • White label model
  • Build your own
  • Multi-layer operator portal for SIM management and reporting
  • Custom profiles
  • Location-based services

Result: Any complex and specific IoT or other M2M project can be filled in by technique and functionality. As an IoT partner, you can make a difference by adding value to the core processes of your customers.

USP Features

  • TNF Solutions expertise’ fully available to you
  • Single & Multi IMSI (identity) for seamless roaming anywhere, always
  • Open unlimited data throughputs
  • eSIM
  • 200 countries, 750+ networks
  • Location based insights

Result: Keep performing data usage where others stop. Professional solutions for any mission-critical need covering the globe and supporting by our expert team if added knowledge is needed.

Some of our specialties illustrate the power and benefits.

Events like, Moto GP and the Formula 1 GP
Result: International presence, High performance 4G, and temporary use during a series of racing weekends throughout the season. Read more about IoT Events solutions.

Maritime by servicing cargo ships, passenger cruises, and near shore projects
Result: Multiple networks, High performance 4G / 5G and predictive costs which we cover by fixed price all networks and all countries. High usage and permanent roaming allowed. Read more about IoT Maritime solutions.

Broadcasting, live (!) streaming media
Result: High quality 4G for mission-critical traffic, No delay, low latency, great upload speeds, 5G, International presence. Read more about IoT Media solutions.

M2M IOT like monitoring and data transfer within city assets such as parking meters.
Result: Low cost, Seamless roaming from one IMSI, Multiple networks, Scalability, Choice in technique like physical SIM Card, eSIM (eUICC) or ChipSIM. All available even hybrid from One solution and One management platform. Read more about IoT solutions.

Retail and Branch Office SD WAN failover
Result: High quality 4G & 5G for critical traffic as a failover for fixed lines. Fully managed service including carrier grade CPE, International presence, one uniform international service, added VPN services and public subnets. Combined as a service or SIM Only. Read more on SD Wan or about our 4G 5G backup and failover solutions.


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