8 Key Factors When Choosing an M2M Roaming Partner

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What are M2M solutions and what do they do for IoT? Learn more about the benefits of M2M global roaming. Discover various M2M applications and use cases of M2M in IoT. We will share some useful tips on how to choose the right M2M roaming partner.

What are M2M solutions and what do they do?

Machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions are part of IoT. They help IoT devices to communicate to each other via special M2M sim cards.

M2M solutions are used in a wide variety of industries including logistics, healthcare, and transportation industry. Typical M2M solutions are industrial sensors or trackers.

The M2M sim cards are more advanced than regular mobile sim cards. They are more durable and come in various form factors. M2M sim cards have advanced data analysis and roaming features.

The benefits of M2M global

Below are the top 5 benefits of using M2M solutions for your global IoT strategy.

  1. M2M solutions can help improve efficiency. They can monitor supply chains and identify areas for optimization.
  2. It can monitor products and ensure quality. They can monitor for example temperature and humidity.
  3. M2M solutions can improve decision-making. They can offer rich data analysis and management features.
  4. It can lead to significant cost savings, because of process automation and reduced dependency on physical labor workforce.
  5. M2M solutions are fast and scalable. It is quite easy to add new IoT devices to an existing IoT network.

What is M2M roaming?

M2M roaming allows M2M sim cards and IoT devices to transmit data to each other anywhere in the world.

Special global connectivity agreements between M2M providers and mobile networks, allow IoT devices to operate in even the most remote locations.

M2M solutions can benefit from global roaming tariffs, so IoT devices can use the best coverage and prices anywhere in the world.

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Wireless M2M applications

Reliable wireless M2M modules allow M2M IoT solutions to operate in the most brutal climate conditions. This allows M2M solutions to be used in remote locations and connect anywhere in the world.

Wireless M2M applications can be found anywhere in healthcare, transportation, supply chain, financial services, and power grid networks.

How to choose the right M2M roaming partner?

Here is a list of 8 things to consider when selecting the right M2M roaming partner.

  1. Global M2M connections and coverage to all important international, regional, and local mobile operators.
  2. Ability to change and use multiple flexible competitive roaming tariffs simultaneously.
  3. Easy to do business with, deep technical knowledge and great customer service.
  4. Rapid deployment of new M2M sim cards in various form sizes anywhere in the world.
  5. Access to an online management portal for M2M connections, for both self service and data analysis.
  6. Possibility to resell M2M services under your own brand, using white label services.
  7. Experience in multiple industries, use cases and access to customer references.
  8. No vendor lock-in and not exclusively dependent on one, or a limited number of suppliers.

Partner reseller services

Looking for the best M2M roaming partner for M2M solutions and reseller services?

Contact TNF and discover the best global roaming solutions. Learn more about TNF’s M2M sim cards and partner reseller services for your IoT solutions.

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