How to deploy IoT in Brazil ?

Permanent roaming brazil

How to deploy IoT in the largest country in Latin America?

Brazil, a beautiful country (read more for business travel)  but when it comes to IoT connectivity it has its challenges.

A major issue is the ability to roam or better said, have permanent access all year round.

Brazilian laws are very protective and do not allow non-Brazilian IMSIs’ roaming to extend beyond 90 days. Additionally, you must be very mindful of local legislation and regulation, that almost make it impossible to provide services locally.

We have removed all of the above and can enable you with a unique solution.  This allows you to have one provider and one SIM operating from one management platform.  We offer national unrestricted access to all networks in Brazil.

Our SIM Management platform gives you the most effective way to deploy your assets in Brazil and the rest of the world.


  • All SIM Form Factors available
  • Roaming on all networks in Brazil
  • SIM connectivity management Portal included
  • Permanent access in Brazil on 5 networks non steered


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